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How It Works

If you are already the proud owner of an IPG paintballing ticket, there’s no need to wait to experience an adrenaline-fuelled day of paintball action! To arrange a paintball event, you can use our online booking system or call us on 0844 326 7065.

  • If you’re not an IPG member yet, you can always join in and purchase them online for £300 for 10 tickets.
  • When you’re ready to organise the event, follow the booking procedure outlined on the ticket.
  • Upon booking, you will be required to arrange your players’ first 100 paintballs each at £9.99 per person. This ensures that everyone in your group will be fully geared up for your upcoming event.
  • All bookings are subject to availability so please book at least two weeks before your desired date to avoid disappointment.
  • To view the full terms and conditions of the offer, please click the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of each page.

For more detailed information on how your IPG Tickets work,and how to get the very best use of them, scroll through the tabs below. There is also an outline of the various exciting game zones available at our network of paintball centres.

  • Please phone us 0844 326 7065 (Lo-Call number) to book via an Event Coordinator, or simply submit your booking online using our online booking form.
  • All bookings are subject to availability, so we recommend you book at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your desired date for your group.
  • Please ensure you supply the Event Coordinator with your full contact details so we can inform you of any important information relating to your event.
  • Always include your tracking number when booking over the phone or online, this way we know you’re one of our VIP members and have secured entrance and equipment hire at the discounted rate.
  • We accept all major credit and debit card payments (MasterCard or Visa)
  • Always check after you have booked that you have received a confirmation email from us stating all the details of your event.
  • Please be sure to read through all the attachments, such as the directions, registration forms and any other attachments you would have requested when originally creating the booking.
  • If after the booking you would like to make any changes or inquire further, you can call one of friendly booking agents or you can fill out a “Request a Call Back” form online and we will contact you.
Credit Cards Paintball Day Image
Corporate Paintball

Group based exercise promotes communication and instils a sense of a unified goal within a team. This, coupled with the fun factor that IPG has perfected, demonstrates to your clients that you not only want to offer a business partnership, but an experience of a life time. All national venues provide seating areas, sheltered safe zones, lockers, WCs and an on-site snack shop. If you’d like to punish your boss for all the late nights, boost morale amongst work mates or reward your employees for a job well done, IPG will deliver a memorable day out.

Stag and Hens Paintball

If you have a special day coming up, whether it be a birthday, a stag or hen party, anniversary or even a reunion, IPG welcomes one and all. With national paintball centres available for bookings almost every day of the week, subject to meeting minimum requirements, we can host your event according to your schedule. To check availability or find out what we can do to make your event the talk of the town, complete the “Request a Call Back” form and we will contact you.

Birthday Parties Paintball

Make your child the hero of his own fantasy world by organising an event with IPG. We offer action packed paintball activities for players aged 8-17. With a first class safety record, IPG paintball centres offer constant game play supervision, appropriate age groupings as well as fitted safety equipment for every small soldier. Paintball gives children the opportunity to express themselves and interact with others in a safe and physically active environment.

Individuals Paintball

IPG has been given the nod by the entertainment world in the form of hosting paintball events for many a familiar face at our centres. With guests from the film, sport and politics worlds, it’s no surprise that many have given us their stamp of approval. However, no matter what your worldly status is, every player on the day is levelled out, so who knows who you may meet next time you play paintball!

      IPG national paintball centres: what to expect on your paintball day
  • Arrival is 09:15 prompt for player registration
  • You will proceed to base camp where you can set up your table, meet the Centre Manager and the marshals who will be supervising your game day
  • Get fitted for your paintball equipment and get kitted out. This consists of :
    • The latest semi-automatic paintball gun.
    • 200 paintball capacity hopper.
    • Full head protection goggle system.
    • Protective combat suit complete with padded neck collar.
    • Lightweight body armour.
    • 400 paintball capacity battlepack.
    • Unlimited free paintball gun gas propellant.
  • The Centre Manager will deliver a compulsory safety brief outlining all you need to know about paintball safety and what to expect during the day.
  • Experience 12-14 fully interactive missions. (The amount of game play may vary depending on the centre you visit)
  • An awards presentations takes place at roughly 16:15pm. (Times may vary according to season)
    Available to purchase from our on-site shop:
  • Hot cooked lunch (dependant on location, please enquire for details)
  • Snacks, sweets and soft drinks.
  • Pyrotechnic grenades (for 18+ only)
  • Armoured gloves.
  • Additional paintballs.
  • Locker hire
      Local paintball centres: what to expect

Some local paintball centres represented by IPG may not have the same quality of facilities, equipment and safety standards as our national paintball centres but the fact that they are local makes them more convenient to travel to. If quality is what you are after for your paintball event, it might be wise to book your event at a national paintball centre.

  • Arrival, Registration and Safety procedures vary from 08:45 – 10:00am – please confirm when booking.
  • Most local paintball centres provide semi automatic paintball guns, 4 pod battlepacks, 200 round capacity hoppers, half-head goggles and overalls. Please note that most local paintball centres do not provide full head protection goggles.
  • Players as young as 12 years old are permitted to play at local paintball sites
  • The number of game zones played varies between 8 – 12, depending on the chosen centre.
  • Closing, awards ceremony and collection times vary between 15:00 – 16:00; please confirm when booking.
    Available for purchase:
  • Each local centre has their own arrangements for lunch, options span from hot potatoes, toasted sandwiches and a BBQ lunch. Light snacks and refreshments are also available to buy.
    If you have any questions regarding an local centre, you can call us on 0844 326 7065 or you can fill out a “Request a Call Back” form online and one of our Events Coordinators will contact you for a consultation.


Paintball Headgear

IPG strives to provide you with the latest in paintball equipment and at all national centres, players are issued with the new Anti Fog Goggle System which provides clear vision throughout the day and ventilation ports, eliminating the danger of lifting ones helmet up to wipe them clean. They come complete with adjustable straps allowing players from all walks of life the ability to wear them with ease, having enough space to accommodate eyewear and head apparel.

Paintball Guns Markers

Each of our national paintball centres are equipped with the latest in commercially used paintball guns. Our semi automatic paintball guns are lightweight, fast firing, and unbelievably accurate in the heat of the battle. Made from a durable burnished metal, it has the ability to shoot up to seven balls a second. Our paintball guns are powered by gas propellant and refills are provided free of charge.


As an environmentally conscious company, all our paintballs are fully biodegradable and produced by a worldwide pharmaceutical company. They are designed to function at optimum levels in all weather conditions, to ensure that your quality of game play isn’t affected. Prices for paintballs may vary according to the site that you visit; you can view the prices page or call for specific information.

Battle Packs

Battle packs offer the convenience of being able to reload during game play without having to stop. Holding up to 400 extra paintballs, they offer a strategic advantage of being able to out play your opponent.

Armoured Gloves

Upgrade your body armour with a set of padded gloves. Interlocking hollow plates across the front allow for easy manoeuvring of your trigger finger, as well as serve as heavy protection against stray paintballs on the knuckles. They are available to buy on site at national paintball centres and are yours to keep.

Combat Suits and Protective Jerseys

We ensure that every player on the day is kitted out with a special issue protective combat suit. From the high padded collar to the snap release leg system, these combat suits are easy to put on and pull off and stylishly camouflaged. Best worn over loose fitting clothing, these suits fully cover every player to ensure maximum protection and manoeuvrability.