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IPG paintball centres offer a variety of games zones to explore during your paintball day, below is a selection of what’s on offer. Please note: game zones vary from centre to centre.



Castle Wallenberg




This long lost two-storey fortress is situated in the heart of the dark Bavarian Forest and is occupied by the last remaining Gestapo forces. This hidden and seemingly impenetrable fortress is all that remains between the allied forces and peace for Europe – your task is to stage an attack against Castle Wallenberg, eliminate what remains of the Gestapo and seize control of the fortress at all costs.



Black Hawk Down




Your team proceeds quickly and quietly through the hostile jungle littered with enemy insurgents when suddenly there is an explosion overhead – a friendly Black Hawk helicopter has crash landed deep in the jungle. Your unit must get to the downed helicopter before your enemy does and rescue what remains of the helicopter’s crew.



Viet Cong Village




You unit stumbles upon what looks like an abandoned village along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Once a busy farming village, it is now full of Vietcong soldiers who will stop at nothing to defend it. Minefields are scattered in all directions so your only option is to go through the village. Your mission is to secure the village by taking control of the huts one by one.



Chemical Alley




The world is facing a post-carbon energy crisis and a war for oil is imminent. You and your elite team of mercenaries advance through the remains of a forest towards a heavily guarded secret fuel depot – codename ‘Chemical Alley’. Your mission is to remove everyone standing in your way and to seize control of the depot. It may seem easy, but a rival band of mercenaries lurk in the shadows with the exact same plan…



Afghan Fort




Many years of collecting Intel have paid off with the discovery of the location of a terrorist group deep in a fort within the mountains of Afghanistan. You only have a limited time to attack the Afghan Fort and carry out a ‘Halo-Insertion’ by infiltrating the enemy base and bringing the building, and any insurgent remaining, down with plastic explosives.



Jungle Attack




An elusive enemy occupying a rebel base lies deep in the heart of a secluded rainforest. They know every trail, every bunker and every tree meaning your team must approach with care as you proceed through the jungle to rescue a downed airman. Satellite imagery has located him hanging from a tree by his parachute straps – rescue the injured pilot before the enemy gets to him.



A Bridge too Far




As your unit advances towards the objective, the river Maas, you come into contact with a deadly wall of enemy machine gun fire. You must take out the heavily defended enemy positions, seize control of the bridges that cross the river and secure them until allied reinforcements arrive.